14 Beauty Hacks No One Asked For

Damn, girl. You look …

1. No nail polish? No problem! White Out nails time:

2. Mistake with your eyeliner? Don’t remove. Add more to even out!

3. This anti-aging tip is easy and free:

4. If you have a butt plug handy, heat it up — it will probably work just as well as this hair tool:

5. Here’s a hack to make your own lipstick that definitely won’t kill you:

6. Here’s a 100% natural DIY treatment:

7. For a fuller lip, try this:

8. Having trouble contouring? You can always look to your feline friends for a guide:

wordpress.com / Thinkstock

9. Use tape for a DIY facelift:

10. When you’re out of makeup wipes…

11. Use a brown or black Sharpie to pencil in your brows — no touch-ups necessary!

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