At First, It Looks Like Aliens Invaded Us. But Zoom Out And Learn The Truth… AMAZING.

Looking at these crazy pictures, you’d think aliens had landed on the North Pole to create “ice circles,” but obviously that isn’t the case. These incredibly huge spirals were created by artist Jim Denevan and his crew who in 2010 created a large scale artwork on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. In a quest to create the world’s largest work of art, Jim and his team drew these beautiful patterns by carving into the fresh snow on the frozen lake, using the white of the snow to contrast with the dark ice. Incredibly the whole thing ended up spanning an area of nine square miles. The photos say it all.

Denevan is known for creating these masterpieces in other areas too.

He and his team create expansive, meditative works with repetitive patterns and endless scale.

The beauty is almost surreal.

Seeing these patterns without knowing the story behind it would be freaky to say the least.

No aliens here. Just Denevan and his brilliant creation.

Taking a farther step back, you see just how far this expands.

9 square miles is an unbelievable feat.

Compared to Manhattan, this is how much ground they covered with their artwork.

It must have taken some incredible dedication to finish all of that…and some very cold feet. Source: Jim Denevan Share this gorgeous, record-setting artwork with others below.

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