Bored With Your Clothes? Try These 10 First Class DIY Ways To Refashion Your Wardrobe

Don’t toss it, revive it! Turn your clothes into brand-new pieces with these easy project ideas. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1408976531); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3423510”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1408976531); });

1. Add disco patches.

Add disco patches.

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See Kate Sew / Via

Worn-out elbows are best patched up with sequins and sparkles!

2. Foil your bag.

Foil your bag.

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Morgan / Via

Say goodbye to that dingy leather bag! A few strategically placed gold foil splashes give your tote a fresh new look.

3. Turn a sweatshirt into a sweat-skirt.

Turn a sweatshirt into a sweat-skirt.

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Carly Cais / Via

Add some elastic to the neckline, use the arms as a tie and you’ve got yourself a cozy little skirt with minimal sewing effort!

4. Double your stripes.

Double your stripes.

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Giddy / Via

Turn ill-fitting tees from Grandma into an adorable tube skirt that you’ll actually wear.

5. Transform a shirt from His to Hers.

Transform a shirt from His to Hers.

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A Fashionable Stitch / Via

Oversized button-ups are the perfect drawing board for fun top alterations.

6. Stamp it out.

Stamp it out.

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Papercut Patterns / Via

Stain on your skirt? Nbd, just grab a few stamps and some fabric paint and create your own abstract cover up!

7. In-vest in your interests.

In-vest in your interests.

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WobiSobi / Via

Everyone loves a good drapey layer and it’s super easy to turn an old tee it into a sleek vest.

8. Add room to breathe.

Add room to breathe.

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Of Dreams and Seams / Via

A pretty ingenious way to turn an old cardigan into an interesting new top!

9. Max out.

Max out.

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Clothed Much / Via

Mixing and matching old shirts is a great way to create an eye-catching colorblocked piece, like a maxi dress or skirt!

10. Mix your materials.

Mix your materials.

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Sherri Pavlovic / Via

A totally fresh, avant garde take on the refashioned button up shirt.

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