Look At These 23 Must-Have Pairs Of Jorts And Find The One To Get You Through This Summer

2. Jorts Zooey Deschanel probably owns.

Asos $55

3. Subtly embellished jorts.

Topshop $70

4. Not-subtly embellished jorts.

Via hm.com

H&M $30

5. Jorts for the 4th of July. Or summer music festivals. Or year-round, if you truly love America.

Forever 21 $30

(This is not an item you’ll want to spend more than $30 on.)

6. Railroad conductor jorts.

Levi’s $25

7. For when you’re in close proximity to a black light.

Asos $76

8. Distressed boyfriend jorts Katie Holmes would approve of.

Asos $51

10. Every personal style blogger’s dream jorts.

Zara $50

11. Jorts for when you want waistband security.

Kohl’s $26

12. Sunday school jorts.

Fashion Union $26

13. Referee jorts.

Rare London $30.00

14. Crystal-embellished cut-off jorts.

Nasty Gal $220

15. Sand-colored jorts.

Zara $40

16. Jorts for when you can’t decide between sandblasted and ultra sandblasted denim.

Topshop $68

17. Jorts to match your wallpaper.

Madewell $40

18. Swingy pleated jorts.

Levi’s $45

19. Jorts for casually bringing up the word “pistachio” in conversation.

River Island $30

20. For when you want eyes in the back of your… jorts.

Nasty Gal $98

21. Or when you’re craving rainbow sherbet.

Pacsun $40

22. For when you want an old school sailor tattoo but can’t commit.

Chic Nova $27

23. The only jorts you’ll ever need.

Nasty Gal $85

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