No, This Is Not Your Neighbour!

Pinhole cameras can be created using almost anything. Creative photographers used this rudimentary method to get back to the basics of their art form. The practice dates all the way back to 5 BC.

Photographer Wayne Martin Belger didn’t go quite that far back for his camera, but this 150-year-old human skull certainly makes for a spooky snapshot option.

The piece was dubbed “Third Eye.”

The former owner was a 13-year-old girl.

Like all pinhole cameras, there is no lens or ability to zoom in on the subject.

Belger explained that he prefers this method as “a pure reflection of what is at that moment.”

The resulting photographs are as creepy as the camera that took them.

Everything looks haunted through this “eye.”

(via Inhabitat.)

In response to claims that the camera disrespects the human remains, Belger commented, “I have respect for all of nature’s remains, and honor them so.” Regardless, it’s definitely a unique way to capture the world.

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