OMG Look At These Crosswalks! They Are Outstanding.

1. Montreal, Canada gets fishy.

2. Zurich, Switzerland would like fries with that.

3. Also in Montreal, velvet rope makes everyone a VIP.

4. Snoopy and the Peanuts gang make an homage to The Beatles in Osaka, Japan.

5. Think ‘Big’ while strolling along in Spartanburg, California.

6. Make a rainbow connection in Vancouver, Canada.

7. Zip across the street in Baltimore, Maryland.

8. Santiago, Chile is pixel perfect with this pattern.

9. Feel like you’re floating on air in Kyrgyzstan.

10. Carlos Cruz Diez designed colorful crossings for Miami, Florida.

11. Bust a move in Madrid, Spain.

12. Germany likes to keep it clean.

13. Bigfoot can be spotted in Montreal, Canada.

14. You won’t knock down these dominos in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

15. Mumbai, India takes the term “zebra crossing” literally.

16. Have a ball (of yarn) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

17. Hop along in Baltimore, Maryland.

H/T: Aplus. That’s one way to put a skip in your step. Ugh, my town seems so boring now. Someone give me some paint! Be sure to share with your friends below!

Crosswalks have been stepping up their game since The Beatles took their iconic steps across Abbey Road all those years ago. Across the world, creative cities are adding a dollop of whimsy and a LOT of fun to their intersections with bright colors, friendly faces and even a few tricks on the mind. Take a look!



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