The Ultimate List Of Items Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

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The following “essentials” were chosen by the participants in this Quora thread.

1. A White Tee

Some people are even willing to pay $120 for this effortless basic.

Source: Quora

2. Tights/Stockings

Wet Seal /

You can never have too many pairs of these things, you just need to know how to pick ‘em out.

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3. Body Shapers

Elizabeth Robertson/Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

The power of Spanx.

Source: Quora

4. A NuBra

They exist, and they are a necessity for all of your bizarre strap variations in the summertime.

Source: Quora

5. Cardigan

American Apparel /

Nothing like cardigan season because cardigan season is EVERY SEASON.

Source: Quora

6. A Light Scarf

H&M /

Wear it on your neck, wear it on your head.

Source: Quora

7. Pajamas

Macy’s /

This is my kind of essential.

Source: Quora

8. The Classic Blazer

H&M /

Throw it on top of anything (see above pajamas) and you have yourself an outfit.

Source: Quora

9. Yoga Pants

Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times / MCT

The closest feeling to no pants.

Source: Quora

10. A Comfy Pair Of Jeans

Levi’s /

Preferably the stretchy kind that don’t leave any pesky waistband marks on your skin.

Source: Quora

11. A Striped Shirt

J. Crew /

Hello sailor!

Source: Quora

12. The Little Black Dress

Widely known as the LBD, every girl needs a loose, flowing one and a body-conforming one.

Source: Quora

13. Ankle Boots

Barneys /


Preferably a pair of perfectly worn-in boots that look completely acceptable paired with dresses.

Source: Quora

14. Statement Necklace

Every girl needs a wearable conversation piece.

Source: Quora

15. Black Leather Jacket

Zara /

“Is that you or a model off-duty?” your friends will inquire.

Source: Quora

16. Trench Coat

Gap Inc. / Via

So you can flash people, obvs.

Source: Quora

17. Red Flats

They go with everything! Except your red tights.

Source: Quora

18. Awesome Sunglasses

Preferably big ones you can hide behind while trying to look mysterious in your trench coat.

Source: Quora

19. Pearls


Hate getting carded? Throw some strands of pearl around your neck!

Source: Quora

20. A Nice Watch

Nordstrom /

Or you could get with the times and just use your cell phone.

Source: Quora

21. Expensive Shoes

Christian Louboutin /

“At least one pair of fabulous shoes that you paid too much for.” And will probably regret purchasing one day.

Source: Quora

22. Garter Belt

Victoria’s Secret /

Every girl needs cumbersome lingerie that really puts the “dirty” in “dirty underwear laundry pile.”

Source: Quora

23. Sexy Pantsuit

Ali Express /

Because every woman loves stripping down to nothing when sitting in a public restroom stall.

Source: Quora

24. Jean Shorts (Apparently With Lace Trim)

25. Statement Apron

Why, Quora, WHY?

Source: Quora

26. Peep Bottom Panties

Just a little “window” into the minds of Quora users.

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