Want To Know Some 3-Star Hacks For Delicious Cooking? Look, And Find Out About Cantaloupe

1. People become obsessed with pumpkins in October. But pumpkins aren’t the only orange fruit in town.

2. The benefits of cooking with cantaloupe are numerous. First and foremost, removing the seeds is just plain easy…

3. Total cantaloupe prep time… Under two minutes

4. 1. And something magical happens when you cook it. Take this basic roasted cantaloupe for instance

The edges turn crispy, while the inside becomes warm and super sweet. Roasted cantaloupe is delicious as a snack on it’s own, but you can do many other things with it.

5. 2. Pile roasted cantaloupe on greek yogurt

6. 3. Or toss it with roasted corn and sage, along with balsamic vinegar

It’s not your grandmother’s fruit salad! Recipe here.

7. 4. Roasted cantaloupe is also great in potato salad

With soy chorizo and parsley.

8. 5. Or blended and frozen into creamy ice pops

Detailed instructions here.

9. 6. Got time for roasted cantaloupe lemon and thyme cookies?

They’re vegan and gluten free!

10. 7. Triple cantaloupe cupcakes

Recipe here.

11. 8. Speaking of cakes, don’t afraid to be bunt

Chop up cantaloupe into bunt cake recipe.

13. 10. Impress your friends with a cantaloupe risotto

Check out the recipe here.

14. 11. One bite of this cantaloupe cream pie will have you saying, “pumpkin who?”

Get the recipe here.

15. 12. You’ll never look at a lemon the same way after trying a cantaloupe meringue pie

Get the recipe here.

16. 13. Cantaloupe is great in a bisque

Use this recipe with bacon and shrimp, or make a meat free variation by using vegan prawns.

17. 14. Or in a chilled soup with ginger yogurt and a pomegranate swirl

Check out the delicious recipe here.

18. 15. Pair cantaloupe with pears

Cantaloupe and pear are the perfect pair, especially with this tart.

19. 16. Divine cantaloupe cookies with a lime drizzle

Recipe here.

20. 17. Slice me a piece of that cantaloupe bread baby!

Want a full loaf? Make your own.

21. 18. How about cantaloupe and basil shaved ice?

If you want to feel fancy you can call it a “granita.”

22. 19. Grill cantaloupe and pair it with any number of items. Like shrimp scampi…

23. 20. Or pork and strawberries

25. 22. Grilled cantaloup is also good with just a drizzle of honey and goat cheese

26. 23. Or just paired with a scoop of ice cream

27. 24. Grilled cantaloupe skewers with mint is a refreshing appetizer

28. 25. You could cook down your cantaloupe and create a creamy pasta sauce

Recipe here.

29. 26. Cantaloupe scones much?

Find the recipe here.

30. 27. No need for The Captain with this cantaloupe crunch

With lemon and nutmeg.

31. 28. You can even make all natural treats for your dog with cantaloupe, honey, and oats

Get the full recipe here.

32. 29. And don’t throw away your cantaloupe seeds, you can roast them too!

Learn how here.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mathewg5/29-reasons-cantaloupe-is-the-new-pumpkin-dst2