Digital Marketing Made Simple - Step By Step Beginners Guide

You may be interested in this intensive training if:

  • You’ve attempted to create a website and/or market yourself online, and you’ve had little success or added revenue
  • Your competition is killing it online and you have no idea how to keep up
  • Traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness and you need something that is more effective
  • You have an employee, or want to hire someone to run your online marketing, and they need formal digital training
  • You want to cash in on the explosion of social media sites but have had limited success in the past
  • You plan to outsource your online marketing and want a basic education in key strategies so you can effectively manage them without being taken advantage of or getting confused.


If you’re not establishing your presence online and effectively grabbing your online market share, then your competitors will steamroll you over the coming years.

But not to worry! We’ve got you covered.

Because we know that you’re already swamped with your day-to-day business responsibilities. 

So we’re going to tell you the exact step-by-step tasks you need to do to get your business online and competitive, get the most ROI out of the least effort, time, and money.

We’ll even show you how to get someone else to do it for pennies on the dollar.

For example:

Do you know that the first ten results in any online search get 98% of the traffic—and the one 2-second change you can make to your website to beat out most of your competitors?

Do you know how to keep visitors on your website longer, and convince them to contact you, make a purchase, or sign up for an email list?

There is a way to get 100+ websites linking back to yours in as little as three days. And for free. Do you know what it is?

We have an arsenal of free and low-cost tools that save us hundreds of hours of time, automate a lot of our tasks, and drastically increase our bottom line. Do you know what any of them are?

How many people visit your site each day? How long do they remain, and what pages do they visit? How many do you capture as an email address or a sale? Most importantly… Do you know how to test elements of your site to improve all those statistics?

We’ll show you how to easily gather and track all this vital information, show you the vital tools you need and how to use them, and give you invaluable tips that will revolutionise your online presence and its visibility in a matter of days.


We know what we’re doing. And we’ve helped dozens of companies  start making digital profitable, even if thief suffered no success in the past…

We know you’ll love this course because not only do we show you exactly how to do things like:

  • Reverse engineer your competition’s website and marketing strategies
  • The 49 most powerful headline formulas and how to use them, 
  • Conduct an entire SEO campaign successfully without knowing ANYTHING about search engines or marketing to them
  • Increase your website’s conversions by 200% or more
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your site in the next 90 minutes
  • Ignore social media conventional wisdom. Well show you how to get a blitz of targeted traffic all month long from one piece of content

But we also give you the most comprehensive home-study workbook and Post-Training Materials ever created for traditional businesses to market themselves online – EVEN IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ZERO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IT OR LONG LIST OF POOR PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES

Everything is covered step-by-step and we refer you to hundreds of free tools, resources, and additional free training if you’re interested. 

The risk-free investment for this intensive training + home-study workbook and post-training resources gives you Step-by-Step Training on:

  • Creating or Re-Designing a Website for Converting Sales
  • Reinforcing Company Brand and Identity Online
  • Conducting Competitive Analyses on Your Company and Competition
  • Reverse Engineering the Efforts of Successful Companies in Your Industry so you can Emulate and Exceed Them
  • Conducting a SEO Campaigns
  • Conducting a Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Marketing Your Company via Social Media using our “20X Multiplier Method”
  • Tracking Statistics & Conversion Testing
  • How to Outsource Anything You Don’t Want to Do Yourself

A 34-Page Workbook for Home-Study that includes:

  • Exercises for Implementing Everything You’ve Learned
  • Task Checklists for Each Section

++ Post-Training Resources, including hundreds of free resources, tools, and training materials and several step-by-step tutorials.