Digital Marketing Framework - 2018 Edition

Learn how to punch above your weight. Webgrowth's digital marketing course is based on successful performance and growth marketing techniques. Neil Pursey takes you through the digital marketing process that Webgrowth uses in house and for their clients. 

Neil strips away the complexities of digital marketing and keeps you focused on what matters and delivers a framework that can be implemented from small businesses to the largest corporates.

The RACE model

We use Smart Insights' RACE model and apply it to a performance formula to deliver exceptional results. 

The Traction model

We focus on the digital components of the Traction model developed by Gabriel Weinberg and show how you practically identify opportunities within the following channels; Adwords, SEO, Social Media and Email. 

Perfomance formula

Applying the formula "clickability X shareability X distribution" was a game changer for Webgrowth. We teach you how to apply these effectively within your campaign and how to build these KPI's into a reporting framework.

Search intent vs social interest

Content runs the web but how you package and promote this content determines if you get noticed or not. Throughout the course we touch on elements that influence search intent and social interest. Knowing your business objectives will ensure you have the right framework and methodologies to address each channel.