Digital Marketing Strategies Top Ad Agencies Use For Clients

Update on April 26, 2020: From Instructor Ed Brown:  The true value in this course is in the set up of your Google Business Account correctly and setting up your Facebook page correctly.  And following ads that were successful.  The 2-Step Letter landed us some of the biggest meetings we most likely would nave have broken into.  Remember this course was written near the end of 2018.  So things have changed.  There is a lot of value here but you need to pick and choose what is relevant.

If you are already familiar with Facebook ads consider getting our Udemy Digital Marketing Strategies PART 2 which I highlight only the BEST ADS that created the biggest response.  The course is only 1 hour long but will give you examples along with a book that outlines everything for you. Look for the NEW UDEMY COURSE "Digital Marketing Strategies Part 2" for complete details.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies for 2019:  Your competition won't know what hit them after you complete this course!   

5 STARS*****
I am only about 10% through the course but already feel like I have gotten my money's worth. The main reason I chose this course over other social media courses was that it focuses more on brick and mortar businesses which is where I want to start. Without a doubt the info and tactics I am learning I will also apply to online biz down the road. Besides getting wonderful, useful and actionable info from the videos, I was blown away by the active interest that the instructor takes in those of us who take the time to reach out. I introduced myself in the question and answer section and he quickly wrote back asking for more specific details about my business. He took it on himself to look over all my social media pages and offer up concrete ideas to improve things. I made one of the changes he suggested and did not tell him. That same day, he went back to my page to check up on me. Then he wrote me to congratulate me on the changes I made and to really applaud my work. To find an instructor who is this passionate about what he does and use that passion to guide others is a rare find. Combine that with the fact that he really does know what he is talking about and you can't go wrong with this course. I hope to write even more once I get through the remaining 90% of the course and see first hand positive results.
Mary Brey

5 STARS*****
I am so glad I got this course! The course gives very practical advice and walks you through the step by step tools you need to understand digital marketing strategies. The instructor is very encouraging and makes you feel like he is giving you a private lesson. He shares his own successful business strategies and gives short lessons so you have time to absorb the material. He will even give feedback when you try his ideas. While studying this course one evening, my husband decided to listen in. He was so impressed with all the information the instructor provided and immediately utilized his advice for his own business. We even ordered the course as a gift for our son. You can tell that the instructor really cares and wants your business to be a success!
Carita D.

5 STARS *****
"I own an agency so far I’ve completed 40% of the course, I’ve to say, this is really very comprehensive and filled with actionable steps with real results.
Edward creates the ads right in front of you and shows you the results for day 1 to 7.  I’ve been following Dan Henry, Billy Gene, Mike Kabbani and others who are selling similar courses for thousand of dollars, but I do have to say, your course is too good for it’s price. Period.
If you want to scale your agency or want to start a new one, then this course is for you."

Suraj Sharma
Owner, NewlyPack - Digital Marketing Agency from India

5 STARS*****
"I am so happy I discovered this course. I now feel more confident talking about digital marketing strategies to my team. The instructor does a great job clearly explaining each concept by providing real-world examples. This makes the information easy to apply and much less intimidating."
Mariel Rothman

Most courses on this Udemy platform concentrate very heavily on the "mechanics" of setting up a Facebook account, Instagram account, YouTube account, etc.  Not only will you will get the "Essentials" needed to get your account up and running but most importantly you'll get what most other courses leave out. You'll get to copy successful ads and learn how to create the Ads that produce results as well for your business

You Will Quickly & Easily FREE YOURSELF FROM ALL THIS SOCIAL MEDIA MYSTERY & finally begin to have a predictable & deployable digital marketing strategy that you can count on to bring in customers like never before.   

This course originally had 77 Lectures I personally taught to get you on a Fast Track to success in your Social Media Advertising by copying our success and the success of our clients.  We subsequently added over 100 Videos for those of you who wanted to learn more about and get grounded in the basics of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Copywriting, Email Marketing, LInkedIn and more.  These we call our "PRIMER" & "BONUS" Series.  Even if you are well versed in these Digital Marketing Strategies - its well worth the time to review and if you are a Seasoned Business Owner - then this information will get you up to speed with the entire Digital Marketing arena so you don't feel left in the dust anymore.

But before we move on... Let’s hit it right out of the park from the beginning with an EXTREME BONUS just for taking this course.  

I’m going to give you my EXCLUSIVE “2-step letter” (Incredibly Powerful When Combined With Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies), that generated MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SALES and landed me interviews for jobs and appointments with potential clients because of its creativity and uniqueness.  Copy my letters & exact delivery technique to ensure your own success!  This will become your most talked about offline marketing sequence & pave the way to an easier appointment.  You'll also get the exact wording to use to get past the "gatekeeper" so you can finally reach your intended client.  Used in combination with the Digital Marketing Strategies you'll learn here will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition!

You’ll learn the best Digital Marketing Strategies used by the Top Ad Agencies to provide massive results for their clients.  And, all the information and knowledge taught in this course is brought to you by a Business Development Professional of over 35 Years.  And yes - we don't just teach - we actually use these strategies in our own businesses.  Check it out…   

Imagine if you were able to master the key Essential Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies of the top Social Media outlets that would allow your business to be seen by the right target audience for a massive 10X increase of sales?   

And, you were led step-by-step of the way by using a clearly written checklist of actions so you can do this Digital Marketing & Social Media thing with confidence and a bit of predictability of its outcome.  It will be like I'm sitting right next to you working with you to create your Ads!!

We’ll start by discussing some of the most important elements of your website and what you need to do right now in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) so you can be seen by your target audience.   

More importantly – (What Digital Marketing Strategies YOU SHOULD NEVER DO) that will destroy your chances of getting to page ONE on Google.  I made this mistake and it cost me dearly!   

Know this… You’re not alone!  I know how you feel. How many times have you tried different digital marketing courses that just didn't work.  I’ve felt that way too.  Worse yet, I’ve spent well over $50,000 on Marketing Materials that when finally gone thru, left me more confused or didn’t really tell me everything I needed to know – it always left something out.

What I did find however, were certain strategies and techniques that blew all the others out of the water and I want to share these with you.   

Here’s an overview of the Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies you’ll learn in this course:   

  • We’ll cover the ESSENTIALS of FACEBOOK & Give You Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions You Can Follow Along With In Creating Ads That Produce Results This Week so you can finally use it as a real lead generating tool.  These are serious Digital Marketing NINJA tactics that will put you way ahead of your competition.

  • How to correctly set up your Facebook Pixel so you can track and re-target (advertise) to people who have visited your website – the most important piece of “code” you need to place on your website.

  • As important as Google Analytics – knowing how to set up your Facebook PIXEL will ultimately determine your success on Facebook.  We’ll get you set up so you can see EXACTLY where your visitors are coming from and how you can keep your name/brand in front of them even when they leave your website.

  • How to create your Facebook page, cover image, description and about page so visitors WANT TO LIKE YOU & FOLLOW YOU!

  • How to Create a “Custom Audience” so your ads are laser-like targeted.

  • How To Create a wide variety of Facebook Ads that get results & repeat business

  • Ready to BOOST your Post?  Learn this Ad Agency Secret so you can get 3x the results!

  • Use our CONTEST STRATEGY so you can drive more traffic to your website or retail store like never before.

  • The Fastest Way To Grow Your Account With LIKES & FOLLOWERS

  • Plus with our “Paint-By-Number” instruction, your ads will look like a Million Bucks!  Yes - it’s easy and you can do it & it’s FREE!  Your Clients Will Think You Are Spending Loads Of Money On A High-Priced Ad Agency.

  • Next we’ll dive into How to set up Instagram on your Cell AND Your Desktop so you can easily Post your Photos & Messages with much greater ease & control.

  • When I say set-up – I mean doing it the right way the first time out & making it look inviting and professional

  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile To Make Your Visitors WANT To Click To Your Website.

  • Finding The BEST #Hashtags So You & Your Business Can Be Found By Your Potential Clients Today.

  • Getting your business listed on “Google-My-Business" Correctly.  You can’t imagine how many businesses I work with that have this part all messed up and they wonder why they can’t be found on the web!

  • How to get set up correctly on Google Analytics so you can truly see if the actions you are taking now are making any difference in your business.

  • We’ll then dive into solid YouTube Strategies

  • Are you using videos yet?  Let’s talk about YouTube – with over 80% of all internet traffic going to Video Content – we’ll give you the top Strategies to use right now to create the most compelling YouTube Videos that get watched.

  • You’ll get a list of everything we use here like the best video software to create exciting videos your clients want to watch.

  • Not only will you get the software list, you get a list of the tools, mic’s, and cameras you should use when creating videos- a lot cheaper than you think.

  • You’ll get a list of top sales driven YouTube videos you can learn from so you don’t waste your time creating videos no one will watch.  Following this sequence will give you the best chance for high audience retention as well as a higher subscriber base.

  • You’ll know (and your competition won’t) the one thing YouTube uses to rank your videos, (hint) it’s not what you think!

  • You Don't Need 30 Hours Of Instruction!  No Long Lectures Here.  You'll Learn As You Copy Our Success And Make It Your Own!


You’ll be on a quick journey going from being Frustrated, Scared & Overwhelmed by this Social Media Phenominon To Becoming Confident, Knowledgeable and Knowing That The New Digital Marketing Strategies You Implement From Within The 7-Minute Marketer Will Give You The Best Chance Of Succeeding Like Never Before.   

You can save thousands of dollars you would have to spend each month to have an agency handle your Digital & Social Media Marketing for you.    So if you want to generate more retail customers, more leads, more online sales, more 5-Star Reviews than ever before without looking too salesy…   

…then taking this course right now by The 7-Minute Marketer might just be for you.   

You just got a “taste” of what you’ll learn.   

You’re about to free yourself from all the anxiety of  not knowing how to make various Digital Marketing & Social Media platforms work for you.   

You’re getting the exact system I use to create Millions is sales and Ads that actually work!   

And now that you know what you’ll learn, lets dive in this course together so I can show you exactly how to do it.   

Most courses of this caliber sold on the Internet charge anywhere from $295 to over $2,700 for just part of what you’ll learn here.   And, even at this low, low price – you still get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.   

What are you waiting for?  

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