Digital Marketing Course in Tamil

Digital Marketing Course in Tamil.

டிஜிடல் மார்க்கெட்டிங் பயிற்சி தமிழ் விளக்கவுரையுடன்.

This course is designed primarily for Small Business Owners of Tamil Nadu.  The lectures are delivered in Tamil.  So they can understand better in mother tongue. 

Course Design

  • Video Lessons with Tamil Lectures

  • Step by Step Demonstration

  • Practical Workbook

  • Virtual Support

  • Question & Answers

Digital Marketing Skills

By enrolling this course you will be able to use the skills in your business for Digital Marketing.  From the day one you will be productive.  This course can help in the following

  • Create your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Manage your Domain Names

  • Maintain your websites

  • Create a Wordpress site and Maintain

  • Optimize your website for Search Engine (SEO)

  • Monitor and Analyze your website traffic in Google Analytics

  • Create and Manage Google Ads

  • Create Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Create and Manage Facebook Page

  • Manage LinkedIn  Marketing

  • Create and Manage LinkedIn Company Page

  • Create and Manage Facebook Ads campaigns

  • Create and Manage Email Marketing Strategy

  • Create and Manage Mailchimp Campaigns

  • Create and Manage Video Marketing Strategy

  • Create and Manage YouTube Channels

  • and much more