Advanced Instagram Marketing Course : 4 Courses in 1

Advanced Instagram Marketing Course : 4 Courses in 1

In this Advanced Instagram Marketing course You will learn how to:

  • Marketing strategies to increase engagement of your page

  • How to convert engagement to followers

  • How to convert followers to email subscribers

  • How to convert subscribers to paying customers

In addition as a gift you will also learn:

  • Email marketing

  • List building

  • Creating signup forms

  • Creating landing pages

  • Sales funnels

  • Facebook ads manager

  • 21 Marketing strategies to increase sales (cognitive biases)

This Instagram marketing course is in the advanced level and if you do not know the Instagram basics, it is better to learn the basics first. Here we will mostly focus on how to increase engagement and from there sell our product with different strategies.

Some of the strategies inside the course is used by ads to increase the followers and subscribers. We will also mention some tools that may be paid but cheap.

It is strongly suggested to take a look at the Instagram marketing course content to prepare yourself for what we will learn. These strategies are advanced and proven, so there is no doubt about them.

This Instagram marketing course also include premium support for all students, meaning you get the answer of your questions maximum in 12 hours (usually less).

You can contact Pouya Eti anytime on Udemy to get advice on Instagram strategies or 1 on 1 mentoring.

If you are ready to grow your page, increase engagement and sell your product online or on local stores, JOIN this course "Advanced Instagram Marketing Course : 4 Courses in 1"now and start today. Before you know it, you will be able to increase the sales of your products.

Advanced Instagram Marketing Course : 4 Courses in 1 by Pouya Eti