Digital Marketing: How to Generate Sales Leads

Course Updated: Feb 2019


Want To Generate More Sales For You Business?

Who doesn't, right? With a proven step-by-step guide that's turned my own business from a bedroom start up to a £480,000+ agency (see the proof lesson below), YOU CAN TOO! If you're ready for hard work that delivers proven results, then read on...

You need consistent quality sales leads... I'll show you how.

Just the the other day I landed a £50,000 project and over 25,000 people are already benefiting from my step-by-step plan (see the proof lesson below). In fact I'm that certain you'll grow your business by following my plan, I'll 30 day money-back guarantee it. Excited? Yeah me too, let's dive right in...


Join the club, because I don't have the traditional PhD, I don't give enormous theory lessons in consumer behaviour at Cambridge University. But I have designed, developed and marketed 100s of successful websites over the years and learnt so much in the process.

I know you can learn from my knowledge on digital marketing and lead generation, then apply it through the step-by-step plan. I'm not the golden boy of digital marketing, but I'm a long way ahead of the majority.

You'll be the same in your field of work – I know you're a hard grafter and you know your stuff. You just need a guide and plan to implement digital marketing to increase your businesses visibility and generate quality leads.

Every entrepreneur, business owner and marketer I've met over the last ten years has felt outside of their comfort zone at some point, that's how we push ourselves to improve and skill up. You're not going to be a marketing guru at the end of this, but you'll have a ton of skills that will put you ahead of those that are doing nothing. This is your opportunity – take it.


By following this plan myself, in 2015 my company (Newedge) generated over £1,000,000 of great quality leads in the last 12 months, which we converted at around 50%! Now I know there is room for improvement there, and we would like to be converting more – but what's you conversion rate? Do you even know? Don't worry if you don't – we'll work it out inside the step-by-step plan.


Building a lead generation sales funnel is hard work and takes time. It's especially difficult if you don't have clarity. But a plan changes that.

Just the action of writing the step-by-step plan will give you focus and will make digital marketing a substantially easier beast to tame. In the last 12 months, Newedge has secured nearly £500,000 of revenue by following this plan, with a £0 spend on advertising.

With the right mindset, a solid digital marketing plan, a little consistency and discipline, plus a lot of effort, you can grow your sales funnel and reach your goals. Interested?

      Then this course is definitely for you… 

                                                                 Learn how to generate more qualified leads for your business, with Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Email. 

                                                  Plus take away a complete step-by-step workbook detailing exactly how you're going achieve more sales leads for your business. 

                                                                 In the step-by-step plan we are going to be working smarter together to produce pre-qualified sales leads for your business - no matter what product or service you sell

  • Understand the 6 pillars of lead generation

  • Learn how to work smarter, not harder

  • Complete a step-by-step workbook to launch your digital marketing plan

  • Build a sales funnel full of pre-qualified leads

                                                                 The strategies and tactics presented in this course will work for any business anywhere in the world

  At the end of this course, you will be able to... 

  • Define lead generation goals and create customer personas

  • Build a working sales funnel and score sales leads

  • Write unique value propositions, website content, email content and landing page content

  • Use Calls to Action to generate leads through a website, landing page or email campaign

  • Perform keyword research and understand the major themes of search engine optimisation

  • Spot and correct major issues with on-page search engine optimisation

  • Create content that generates leads

  • Reduce the number of hours spent on creating content

  • Create landing pages that are campaign specific

  • Analyse and optimise landing pages for improved conversions

  • Generate leads through 7 major social networks

  • Understand email marketing and use an email marketing software provider to send targeted email campaigns

  • Analyse and optimise the performance of email marketing campaigns

  Who should take this course?   

  • This course is for newbies and intermediate marketers/business owners that want to generate sales leads through digital marketing

  • This course is probably not for you if you're looking for more advanced tactical digital marketing methods

  What will you need to know or do before starting the course? 

  • You will probably own a business or be responsible for generating sales sales (i.e. New business development or Marketing Department)

  • Or you maybe thinking about starting a business and would like to understand whats involved in generating sales leads

  What do you get for your investment? 

  • Over 10 hours of HD quality video presentations recorded by expert speaker, Lawrence Howlett

  • 60+ Page workbook that helps you implement each lesson on the course

  Most importantly - You get the opportunity to transform your business into a lead generating machine!  

  As a student of this course, you also get my professional advice and guidance. 

                                                                 I personally answer as many of the discussion forum questions as possible, usually within 2 working days. You also get access to thousands of other students who have been through this course and have fantastic ideas of their own too!

      I also personally guarantee your absolute satisfaction with this course. 

                                                                 You have a full 30 days to study, download the workbook and see the results you can achieve. 

                                                                 If you're unhappy for whatever reason, I will gladly refund you, no questions, no fuss - and with a smile too, thanking you for taking the time to check out this course. 

    Every minute you delay is actually COSTING your business money .... 

  Enrol now!