Growth Secrets: Digital Marketing + Growth Masterclass

Get savvy. Update your marketing skills with next generation Growth Hacking marketing techniques.

Growth hacking is the art of using psychology principles, savvy digital marketing tools, and optimizing your process to get the most output with every project.

More tools. Use cases. And practical processes that get measurable results.

Use data to make better decisions.

Over this 2 day course you will learn how to build a sturdy foundation of marketing growth, using tools geared towards improving traffic, optimizing work-flow, boosting engagement and converting more visitors.


Automation, SEO, CRO, SoMe, SEM, Content Strategy, and more tools than you’ll know what to do with.

Why participate:

Growth Hacking is relevant for anyone interested in stepping up their marketing game.

They don’t teach you this stuff in school.

Discovering new ways to improve your craft (marketing, sales, support, product, management, etc) that only come from years of experiences and “doing the work.”

New marketers:
Gain an edge on others and hack everything from getting a new job to bulking up on the latest algorithm trends for social media.

Position yourself for a new job or give yourself the advantage in your current one.

Corporate clients:
You’ve been using the same processes and tools for years. Innovation starts with taking a look at your business with fresh eyes.

Bring engagement, ideation, and branding techniques back to the the front office.

Scaling a bootstrapped startup requires a special mix of automation, streamlined approaches, and most importantly; doing everything on a budget.

Get explosive growth secrets and competitor research to boost the reach of your startup

The challenges are the same. The technology and what works keeps changing. Get an advantage.

In this course you will learn to discover new ways of tackling workflow and get results.

Who are you?

This course is designed for anyone with the desire to grow a product or business. You are probably a marketer, startup founder, digital consultant, product manager, consultant, business developer or working in an account or sales role.

Skills gained

Learning goals when the Masterclass is completed:

  • The Growth Hacker mindset: 1 to 1 effort vs 1 to 50

  • Marketing funnels

  • Your Brand: Branding fast and evolving faster

  • Building + boosting your online presence

  • Competitor Insights + Analysis + Skyscraping

  • Analytics: KPIs vs Vanity Metrics

  • Foundational hacks + tools

  • Advanced SEO strategies and Backlink building

  • PR / Awards

  • Processes: Keys to Optimization  + Tools

  • Ideation + Mapping Priorities

  • Creating a techstack and converting users

  • SEO: Ranking factors + Structure

  • Content Strategy: It's EVERYTHING

  • Amplification / PR / SoMe Amplification

  • Visual Content

  • The future is Video

  • SoMe Hacks

  • Curate Content for engagement

  • Bulk posting and Streamlining your reach

  • Organizing Templates

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing + Hacks + Integration Tools

  • Cold Outbound Marketing

  • Data Enrichment

  • Inbound Tools

  • SEM Foundations: Adwords, Facebook ads, Linkedin Ads, and targeting

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Build Your Marketing Tech Stack

  • Mapping the User Journey + Analyzing User Flow

  • A/B Testing

  • Referral Marketing + campaigns and working with affiliates

  • Building a Growth Hacking Team

  • Ai and Marketing

  • Generating Content With Ai

  • Event Hacks

  • Learning Hacks

  • Being the Boss / Manager you never had

  • AND MUCH More!

How you will learn

Hands-on workshops

This course gives you the mindset of a Growth Hacker and the tools needed to get the job done. It is designed to immerse you in the daily work of Growth Hacking and is taught through practical workshops, where you get the tactics required to start getting your hands dirty and apply your newly acquired tools as you go.

The workshops are individualized to revolve around your particular field of work, and you will apply techniques like sky-scraping and keyword building to your own business. Not only will you have learned to apply new tools, but you have also created growth while in the classroom .

Why So much material?

I want to give people a chance to get EVERYTHING they need for success. This course was originally taught over two full days in a closed classroom setting at a co-working space in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Taylor has condensed the material and removed the breaks to bring it to an online platform for the purposes of allowing more people to learn remotely.