Content Marketing Master™ with certification from IIDM™

Content Marketing Master™

Marketing in the current world requires content creation. Whether it’s videos, blogs, social media posts, articles, pictures, or anything else, to catch consumer’s attention, you need to have content that sets you apart, things they can share and look at. This course teaches you what you need to know for creating content, how to utilize it in marketing, how it helps, and more.

This is a hybrid course, which means it is a more hands-on experience than you would find in most online courses. Each lecture will include downloadable lecture notes, activities, and resources that will serve as your guideline on how to successfully complete the lecture.

This course consists of;

  • 15 Lecture Videos

  • 2 Downloadable Resources

    1. Lecture Descriptions

    2. IIDM Profile Banner

  • A total of 17 Lectures

  • 10 Assignments to be submitted to IIDM

  • 3 Quizzes

  • 34 External Resources

  • Create and schedule 3 Social Media graphics per week using Canva Pro and Heropost.

  • Create a Blog and Upload to IIDM Blog site using WordPress

  • Create a Podcast that will be uploaded to Youtube, Spotify, and Google Podcast

DURATION: Please note, this course is designed as a one-month course, but students may choose to complete it in a shorter time frame. All students must complete all assignments, quizzes, and lectures.

Learning Goals

  • Learn the basics of content marketing through real-world examples and practice with multiple different content types.

  • How to utilize email for marketing and how to create powerful, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing email content.

  • What content is and understanding its use cases in different contexts.

Kindly contact us via email before you start your learning journey. We will provide you with Google Drive access for your learning materials and evaluation for the certification upon completion.

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