Master SaaS Marketing for Software Products

Take a look at these various components of SaaS marketing:

That is a lot of stuff you need to learn to get hold of the SaaS marketing landscape,

  • Product marketing

  • digital/growth marketing

  • content marketing

  • Marketing Operations and Automation

  • Demand Generation

  • SaaS Marketing Analytics

  • and more

So, how do you suggest we should go about learning it? Well, I have an idea.

Let us do it for a SaaS company and learn along with the business. Meet LandItRight a SaaS business that sells a Landing page builder product. They have to start their product sales and marketing, and we have the liberty to listen to their meetings and then learn from them.

While the business doesn't exist in the real world, the situations discussed in the course are authentic. We study SaaS marketing situations; we do competitor analysis, learn pricing and positioning of SaaS products, promotions, analytics, metrics, and more.

I am Rudranil, and I have about a decade of experience in SaaS marketing, during which I have marketed more than 20 SaaS products. I am offering this course that comes with hours of content and material, an enormous discount, subtitles, lifelong access, and a 30 days refund offer. It means that you have zero risk in subscribing to the course.

I hope you do give it a try. Thank you.