Digital Marketing Foundation CDMA | CDMP Pathway Essentials

This course covers the fundamentals, including digital tools, technologies and uses. Learn about email, social media and customer service. Perfect for non-marketing teams building their digital awareness.

CDMA | Upon successful completion, you will become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate!

Discover how to effectively promote a brand or a business online and create a targeted marketing strategy that engages potential clients across the digital landscape. In the Digital Marketing Foundation | CDMP Pathway Essentials course, we articulate today's digital marketing methods—including how to build a successful digital marketing campaign across multiple channels: Search, social media, email, and display.

Understand how to build and connect with communities on social networks, the best techniques for paid media, and learn what makes a successful email marketing campaign. This course also covers critical digital marketing skills, like content marketing, marketing analytics, and customer engagement, and recommendations for expanding your digital marketing skill set. Upon completing this foundational digital marketing course, We'll equip you with the essential skills and strategies to navigate today's digital landscape.

We hope you enjoy taking this course just as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. We encourage you to continue exploring the digital marketing landscape.

Your next stop might be our Certified Digital Marketing Professional. You might also enjoy keeping up with the latest in marketing, and for that, we'd suggest watching Digital Marketing Trends so you can learn the newest tools and techniques marketers use to reach their customers.

We covered much material in this course, so feel free to revisit it from time to time and brush up on your skills as you explore the digital marketing world. Have fun and good luck.