DIGITAL MARKETING: Complete Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing: The Essential Digital Marketing CourseForSuccessful Content Marketing (How to Find the Right Role for You in the Digital Marketing Industry

Who can this Digital Marketing Course help?

If you have never done Digital Marketingbefore and need a practical course that getsto the point and shows you the steps to getting it done, then this Digital Marketing Course is perfectfor you.If you have already done some form of inbound marketing but you need aframework, then this course will help you.If you want to compress years of trial and error into days, then this Digital Marketing Course mightbe for you.If you have done event marketing or print-based marketing, which means youalready have amarketing base and you just want a primer in digital marketing,then this course is for you.Or maybe you are a business owner and you need a launch a new product. This Digital Marketing course will give you the framework you need to successfullymanage and keep track of the marketing aspects of your product launch.

You will be able to use different Digital Marketingplatforms like:

· Branding

· Websites

· Content marketing

· Email marketing

· Copywriting

· SEO (search engine optimization)

· Facebook

· Google ads

· Google analytics

· Twitter

· Instagram

· Pinterest

· LinkedIn

· Live-streaming on social media

· YouTube

· Video marketing

Instagram: Another well-known social media platform focused on the social web is Instagram and it is available as images or videos. The platform boasts more than 150 million people using it regardless of age, it is the latest trend. For companies who rely on visual media like fashion, food architecture, travel and more This is a fantastic option. Businesses can post pictures as well as videos of their offerings on Instagram and organize a variety of photos or video contests to increase the word about their company's brand. It is possible to connect the account on your Instagram account to a company's website, and you can also reference the same issue in the posts you make on any other platform. To drive traffic to your site, you could make use of Instagram and, in turn, create more attention.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very misunderstood area of digital marketing. Ten years ago, SEO was all about “tricking” search engines to rank your website. But with the advent of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, these tricks no longer work and your site could get penalized by Google; that is, it will no longer rank on Google Search if you or your SEO team use the old bag of tricks.

Facebook, I assume you already have a Facebook page and that you are interacting with your fans, uploading pictures, and giving information or providing offers. All of this will create loyalty, retention and branding, but very few businesses are utilizing Facebook to its full potential. In other words, they are not using Facebook for the acquisition of new customers. Facebook’s popularity provides business owners with the opportunity to promote their business online with minimal investment. As such, your digital marketing efforts are not fully utilized if you are not using Facebook ads and apps. With Facebook, a business can create a powerful social network presence simply by promoting themselves and attracting followers. Facebook allows you to create ads that feature your website. Their layout and management tools are similar to Google AdWords.

LinkedIN With more than 200 million users throughout the world, LinkedIn is quickly expanding and professionals have much to gain by learning how to use it correctly. LinkedIn is most commonly viewed as a medium for B2B, or business-to-business activities, but it can also be useful for B2C, or business-to-consumer interactions as well.

Twitter You need to learn how to market on Twitter because it is a place where you can build a large following and you can get your content out there in front of people. You can also build a good-sized email list using Twitter, and you can do it quickly.